Deposit Data

How to Deposit Data

Researchers who wish to submit their data with other researchers, or as part of requirement by funders of the research can submit it via c-damaa@ucc.edu.gh. Sharing data with C-DAMAA would enhance the visibility of your research and increase the number of citations of that particular research:

a. Does C-DAMAA charge me to deposit my data with their Data Service?

There is no fee charged by C-DAMAA on deposits of datasets by researchers for public use. The Centre, however, provide some other services for which we charge some fees, including:

  1. Data cleaning
  2. Creation of user documents, e.g. user manuals, analytic notes etc.
  3. Provision of regular reports on how data is been used.

b. Type of Datasets and formats accepted by C-DAMAA

C-DAMAA accepts administrative records, survey research data, and any other data that could be useful for research. C-DAMAA accepts data files in all formats, however, the centre would convert the datasets into standard formats.

c. What should be attached to the datafiles

Researchers who submit data to C-DAMAA must include background documentation help other users of the data to understand and appreciate the data. This should include administrative forms, questionnaires, code lists, manuals, enumerator manuals, and reports.