DMA 806S: Applied Econometrics 3 CREDITS

This is a hands-on course intended to provide practical knowledge in estimating and interpreting empirical econometric models. It will introduce students to modern ways of evaluating theories using real data.

Course Objectives:

Students should be able to:

  • Analyse datasets to respond to socio-economic challenges.
  • Test relevance of theories
  • Assess impact of interventions and potential of different policy options.

Course Content

This course will provide a brief overview of econometric theory with emphasis on parametric analysis. Specific issues to be discussed include model selection, transformations, heteroskedasticity, temporal and spatial dependence, sample selection and endogeneity. Others are binary response models, duration models and quantile regression, and introductory treatment of nonparametric methods.

Main Text

  • Doran, J., Bourke, J. & Kirby, A. (2017). Introduction to Applied Econometrics Analysis Using Stata. NuBooks

Suggested Reading List

  • Asteriou, D. & Hall, S. G. (2015). Applied Econometrics, Third Edition. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Wooldridge, J. (2012). Introductory econometrics: A modern approach. Cengage Learning.
  • Wooldridge, J. M. (2010). Econometric analysis of cross section and panel data. MIT press.