DMA 809S: Computer Applications for Analytical Research 3 CREDITS

Processing large datasets to inform policy underscores the orientation of this course. Literacy in computer soft wares greatly influences research productivity and quality.

Course Objectives:

Students should be able to:

  • Use different computer soft wares to generate knowledge
  • Produce visual information to enhance impactful communication of research findings
  • Appreciate best practices needed in the use of computer soft wares

Course Content

In this course, students will be introduced to Microsoft Excel as a tool for performing simple data analysis and manipulations. In addition, students will be exposed to other soft wares such as NVivo, STATA, SPSS, EViews and NUDist.

Main Text

  • Miller, D. C. & Salkind, N. J. (2002) Using the Computer in Social Science Research In: Handbook of Research Design & Social Measurement. Sage

Suggested Reading List

  • Agung, G. N. (2008). Time Series Data Analysis Using EViews, Wiley .
  • Bazeley, P. & Jackson K. (2013). Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo.Sage Publications .
  • Cameron, A. C. & Trivedi, P. K. (2009). Microeconometrics using stata (Vol. 5). College Station, TX: Stata Press.