MSc. Data Management and Analysis

C-DAMAA in collaboration with its mother department (Dept. of Data Science and Economic Policy) of the UCC School of Economics offers a two-year (Sandwich) Master of Science Programme in Social Science Data Management and Analysis. The broad objective of the programme is to provide knowledge on data management approaches and hands-on analytical skills to enhance an incremental use of data in teaching, research and policymaking. The specific objectives are to:

  • Build the capacity of students in micro-data management
  • Equip students with the requisite skills for writing data management plans
  • Enable students to apply advanced research skills in the production of ideas
  • Expose students to the emerging wide range of computer-based tools for data management and analysis.

Structure of the Programme

The MSc. Social Science Data Management and Analysis comprises six compulsory courses in the first Sandwich semester and four compulsory courses in the second sandwich semester. Students would have the option of selecting one additional optional course from a pool of three optional courses. The programme comprises of 330 credit hours.

First Semester Courses

DMA 801S Philosophy Of Research 3 Hours
DMA 803S Data Literacy and Mining 3 Hours
DMA 805S Survey and Census Methodology 3 Hours
DMA 807S Ethics and Disclosure Research 3 Hours
DMA 809S Computer Applications for Analytical Research 3 Hours
DMA 811S Mixed Research Methods 3 Hours
Total 18 Hours

Second Semester Courses

DMA 802S Data Curation and Management Plans 3 Hours
DMA 804S Qualitative Data Analysis 3 Hours
DMA 806S Social Network and Analysis 3 Hours
DMA 808S Applied Econometrics 3 Hours
DMA 899S Dissertation
Optional Course 3 Hours
Total 15 Hours

Optional Courses (One to be Selected)

DMA 810S Time Series Analysis 3 Hours
DMA 812S Cross Section Analysis 3 Hours
DMA 814S Panel Data Management and Analysis 3 Hours

Admission Requirement:

For students to be enrolled should have a minimum of first degree with 2nd class in a discipline that has statistics or quantitative techniques as one of the subjects pursued.

Retention and Graduation:

Students admitted into this programme must maintain minimum GPA of 2.0 for each semester to be retained on the programme. Only students who make a minimum CGPA of 2.5 and submit a dissertation shall qualify for graduation.


Individuals who wish to be part of this programme would have to purchase admission forms from designated centres for the sale of University of Cape Coast admissions forms.